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RUMBO Workshop

RUMBO. Go far, together

We learn and grow as one international community.

Join us so that we can together



22, 23, 24 & 25 MARZO DE 2022


FALL OF 2022

rumbo workshop fresh and wood
rumbo workshop monaris
Rumbo Workshop
monika frias
rumbo workshop alvaro sancha
rumbo workshop
Rumbo Workshop
monika frias
chiquita y salvaje
rumbo workshop monaris
photography workshop

Workshop meets Community

RUMBO is for artists and dreamers who want to see the world while creating. A traveling workshop of speakers and a community to grow with.

Creativity at its Core

Three days of photography workshops and three live shoots in one of the most iconic cities in the world – New York City. Gain perspective, practice what you learn and gain tools to elevate your craft.




RUMBO is connection. It’s creating a bond between you as an artist and person with a community that has a common goal. Why not RUMBO?

Is RUMBO for me?

That’s for you to answer. If you’re creative and open minded, want to network across different communities, challenge your own perspectives about your art, then come join us at RUMBO.

What does RUMBO mean- aside from the literal translation “journey”?

It’s means growing a bit out of your comfort zone and not being afraid to press the reset button as a creative. Then along with other creatives get inspired to get much better at what you do.

I’m ready to RUMBO. What should I expect?

Expect a workshop with speakers and opportunities to practice. Be unafraid to ask questions and push yourself to be open. Go on and create experiences with the people that you meet. Three days of learning, practicing and growing together. That’s RUMBO Workshop.