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New York PRIDE 2022

– Love is human –

New York pride 2022
Life is connection. Love is human. For this and many other reasons, this June the RUMBO Community met in in New York City’s PRIDE celebration to live, enjoy and photograph the diversity of love.
It is really curious how the city of New York has influenced RUMBO. It’s no doubt that our references and inspirations are among a few: fashion photography, street photography, documentary photography, creating memories of unique moments, and this city – NYC – has always been a great source of inspiration for our work.
If we considered the history of the origin of PRIDE, we would quickly learn the importance of the city of New York and specifically the Village and the historic Stonewall Club that was center to the events that would change social history for decades to come in the defense of the rights of the LGBTQ community (see article),
RUMBO is proud to support a movement that defends the concept of love regardless of gender, and we’re extremely proud to be at PRIDE NEW YORK 2022.

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