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Rumbo Workshop 2019 Edition

After hundreds of hours of work over many months, on April 27, 2019 we welcomed in the first edition of Rumbo Workshop in Brooklyn, New York. Engines on, this was the start of Rumbo Workshop 2019 Edition.

We welcomed our attendees with breakfast and a good cup of coffee to break the ice for a day of learning together.


The Experience

First up was Jose Melgarejo, New York wedding photographer and co-founder of Rumbo. He spoke to us about the the project and the huge potential of creating a community between the USA and Europe- where we can all learn as photographers and grow through companionship and continual support for each other. All this would come to be with an annual event with masterclasses and speakers where the community could come together as one. As the organizer, Jose gave us the day’s agenda and introduced the speakers who would launch the first ever Rumbo Workshop.

rumbo workshop

Our first presenter was David Griso, a Barcelona wedding photographer whose art has taken him throughout Spain and the rest of the world.

David’s opening was that of intense humility- an honest introduction of his work and approach. “Follow your instinct.” To David, storytelling was the real job of being a photographer.

david griso

David spoke about identity, the power and potential of branding, visual equilibrium – all found in the smallest details of his work. He took us through the experience of working and creating art with his couples and his ever present search for the ever-illusive photograph he called “LA FOTO.” When found, this images has the potential of unlocking the impact of story.

The rest of our morning with David Griso was spent discussing the different aspects of our work as wedding photographers, touching on the various tools and applications at our fingertips that help bring our images to their highest potential. To close out with a bang, David revealed how he uses GIFs to connect images with story to create a lasting experience with his clients.

After lunch we all were happy to welcome Alvaro Sancha a Spanish Wedding Photographer from Northern Spain.

alvaro sancha

Alvaro presented to us his life’s work in weddings in an impressive slideshow with moments from across the world. He would speak to us not of the technical aspects of photography, but rather of the different concepts that support our persona as wedding photographers and visual artists.


Alvaro carefully explained the step by step process of creating a growth strategy for our growing companies, tying together the concepts of brand, identity, and visual culture to create a marketing platform that is true and honest to who we were as photographers, professionals and people.

As we delved deeper into the concepts of identity and marketing, Alvaro explained how we could utilize SEO to help expose our work to broader audiences and how to use some of the web’s best free tools such as Instagram to generate as much value as possible.

Finally, Alvaro closed his session with his advice on maintaining equilibrium in our work and life so that we could all get the most out of our time while still producing the best art of our lives.

From Rumbo we were lucky to be able to invite Hallie Kolher at the end of our series of speakers.

Hallie’s told his own story of how he ended up working in markets around the world, from the Midwest to Spain and Portugal.

Hallie’s talk was a perfect ending to Rumbo’s workshop series and was a wonderful example of imagery, art and community coming together for a photographer on a global scale. Applause, goodwill and hugs filled the room as we closed our sessions for the day.

Finally, we would love to share with the entire community the official video of RUMBO Workshop New York 2019.

rumbo workshop

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