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– You are RUMBO WORKSHOP – We are Stories –

Some good time has passed since we celebrated RUMBO WORKSHOP BARCELONA 2022 and we are still emotionally hungover. It is very difficult to put into word everything that our attendees, speakers, sponsors… the community of RUMBO-  have shared. Only good memories come to us and we are already looking forward to meeting again.

Four intense days of training, living together, learning, listening … moments of sharing knowledge and experiences with people from all over the world.

All at Sellarés Espai Rural, an incredible 16th century farmhouse in the province of Barcelona.

For RUMBO, thinking about location and space was extremely important. For a multi-day workshop, where we can share both energy and solitude. As well as areas for our sponsors like KITOLI, Kinafoto, Narrative to have their own special presence. A special set up for our own oficial merchandise, where a percentage of its profits are donated to 100cameras.

For this reason we thank Sellarés Espai for hosting RUMBO Workshop Barcelona 2022.

These incredible spaces were decorated both by Silvia( Fresh and Wood ) and Goi (Querida Julia ), who tastefully designed our the shoots, lunches and dinners. A special thanks to our floral designer Go floral for providing flowers and design masterpieces.

Presentations: Sharing knowledge

Organizing a workshop for photographers is an incredible amount of work, commitment, especially creating a well-rounded 360-degree all-in-one retreat. To do this for RUMBO Workshop 2022, we brought together twelve speakers who, through their knowledge, experience and taught us so much about the challenges that enterprising and creative find themselves in – through work and life.

The presence of Margot Vivet, our life coach accompanied us at RUMBO Workshop. She is an expert in personal and professional development and works to help create your personal brand with purpose. Many of us know that she left a mark on a large part of the attendees – a connection that would last a lifetime.

David Griso, Barcelona wedding photographer-  shared his inspiration and experiences, in an in-depth exploration of his work in. wedding photography. José Melgarejo was a perfect communicator who spoke about the origin of RUMBO, and its sense of community as the founding purpose for the creation of the projectAlvaro Sancha, the third pillar of the RUMBO organization held a masterclass on SEO for photographers. His speech was shared with Diego Waves, our expert web designer at RUMBO Workshop.

We also enjoyed the talk of Chiquita y Salvaje, photographers and alternative wedding videographers in their own style. Their story, evolution, creative process left us thinking about our own path of change. We were also lucky to have Hollymabuba, an illustrator and branding designer who spoke to us about the importance of branding and identity.

It is impossible for us to talk about RUMBO Barcelona without mentioning international photographer Kelly Balch, whose was a shining beacon on joy and light throughout our days at the Masia.  Her sensitivity, empathy, her life  experiences made us think on the diverse reality of love in life, photography and in art.

Next we had the honor of having Monika Frias, La Txina, wedding photographer and videographer based in Spain and Barcelona. She managed once again to leave us speechless with her work and the way of understanding life and the importance of memories

We want to greatly thank the sponsorship of  Shooters Film Lab and Kinafoto for connecting the RUMBO community with two beautiful artists- Sara Lobla y Alex Domenech.

With you Sara we learned, we laughed, we cried and we gave thanks to life for being who we are. Alex, your art left its mark on us and your presence was not in passing, you came to be part of this family. We loved learning about your projects, their questioning and your creative processes.

Shoots: The power of the practical

Since we began to develop RUMBO WORKSHOP, we were very clear about the value of taking “from theory to practice” in the workshops that made the most sense. For this reason, we hosted, editorial and couple shoots with David Griso, Kelly Balch, Chiquita and Salvaje.

The overall design of the shoots were the work of wedding designer Silvia from Fresh & Wood (wedding planner in Barcelona) who coordinated designed from some of the best suppliers such as : Qcpproductions (Event Lighting), Bokehmakeup (Make Up), Martina Dorta (Jewelery), Abanik (Furniture Design), Pool&Tina (Vintage bath and fixture), The Forest Shoes (Footwear), Larca Barcelona (Bridal Veil Design), Better With Co (Stationery),…

Community: 24hrs together

At RUMBO we believe that none of this makes sense if people cannot connect and creating community. From shared breakfasts, group dynamics, breaks to our styled shoots to the dancing and chats into the early hours of the morning. We have created bonds that have changed our paths forever. Connections that cross continents and oceans. New friendships and memories for a lifetime.

RUMBO Barcelona 2022. We are stories.

You Are RUMBO. We are Stories.

THANK YOU to all the people who were part of RUMBO WORKSHOP Barcelona 2022, you are part of the RUMBO community. Without you this 2022 edition would not have been possible (and for next time, too). You showed that things can be done differently – and together, that we can learn by truly listening to ourselves and others colleagues. And above all that we can rise as a creative community together.

Your work below is proof – photos from our community at RUMBO Workshop Barcelona 2022

The next edition: RUMBO WORKSHOP NEW YORK CITY 2023 awaits us and we looking forward to sharing the news of what’s to come.

If you are interested in attending to RUMBO WORKSHOP join our list and you will be the very first to receive updates on dates and tickets.

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