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Presentation and mentoring event with the RUMBO NYC community

rumbo workshop photography
Rumbo Workshop


Jose Melgarejo

New York

Ponente & Co-Fundador de Rumbo.

Fotógrafo de bodas en Nueva York, Co-fundador de Rumbo y amante de España y su diversidad cultural. Despues de desarrollar su trabajo como maestro durante más de 8 años, Jose emprende un camino dentro de la fotografía. Años despues traza un nuevo camino con una estrategia donde combinar arte, aprendizaje y viajes.

“Give the ones you love wings to fly, roots to come back, and reasons to stay” – Dalai Lama

David Griso


Ponente & Co-Fundador de Rumbo.

Fotógrafo internacional de bodas y co-fundador de Rumbo. David es un apasionado de las rutas, los viajes y la vida en el Mediterráneo. Amante de todas las cosas viejas y raras, papá, esposo y amigo de mis amigos. Disfruta documentando la vida y el amor. Siempre comenta que pasa demasiado tiempo jugando con los colores y la configuración de grano en sus fotografias.


Alvaro Sancha

North of Spain

Speaker & Rumbo Co-Founder

Álvaro Sancha is a wedding photographer in Spain, Europe and is a lover of routes through the United States. He is an entrepreneur and a fan of digital marketing where he develops his concern with SEO mentor. He resides in the north of Spain and is one of the founding members of RUMBO Workshop. His illusion was always to work on connecting people who add up, Rumbo is part of that result. Connect creativity between Spain and the United States.

Hallie Kohler




After many months of work, on April 27, 2019 we welcomed the first edition of RUMBO Workshop in New York. RUMBO’s engines began to roar…

We started by welcoming our attendees with a community breakfast, creating a starting network where we can break the ice, get to know each other socially before starting an important day of training and shooting through the streets of New York City.

The first speaker was Jose Melgarejo, a New York wedding photographer and co-founder of RUMBO. He spoke to us about the RUMBO project and the enormous potential of creating a community between the United States and Spain, where we can all learn as creative people and grow through camaraderie and continuous support.

All this through events and in person in both countries where the Rumbo community can connect. As organizer, José gave us the day’s agenda and introduced the speakers who would launch the first Rumbo Workshop.

Masterclass DAVID GRISO

Our second speaker was David Griso, a wedding photographer in Barcelona whose work has taken him all over Spain and the rest of the world through his creative clicks.

He started was one of intense humility, an honest introduction to his work and approach. “Follow your instincts.” For David, telling stories was the true job of a photographer.

David spoke to us about brand identity, power and potential. The visual balance, everything that is found in the smallest details of his work. He took us through the experience of creating art with his partners and the ever-present search for the ever-illusory photograph he called “THE PHOTO.” When found, these images have the potential to unlock the impact of the story.

We spent the rest of our morning with David Griso talking about the different aspects of our work as wedding photographers, addressing the various tools and applications that are at our disposal that help bring our images to their full potential.

To close with a strong, David revealed how he uses GIFs to connect images to story and create a lasting experience with his customers.

Masterclass: Álvaro Sancha

Álvaro Sancha began his presentation by showing us his work as a wedding photographer through a slideshow of clicks of his best wedding and couple photographs taken in Europe and the United States. Álvaro would not talk to us about the technical aspects of photography, but about the different concepts that support our personality as wedding photographers and visual artists.


Álvaro explained in detail the step-by-step process to create a growth strategy for our growing company, uniting the concepts of brand, identity and visual culture. In this way we can create a marketing platform that is true and honest with who we are as photographers, professionals and people. .

As we delved into the concepts of identity and marketing, Álvaro explained to us how we could use SEO to help expose our work to a broader audience and how to use some of the best free tools on the web or social media to generate the most possible value.

Finally, Álvaro closed his presentation with some advice on how to maintain balance in our work and our lives so that we can all make the most of our time while still producing the best art of our lives.

Keynote: Hallie Kohler

We had the opportunity to have Hallie Kolher at the end of our series of presentations. Hallie developed a keynote where she showed us her work, her career and the value of your photographs. She told her own story of how she ended up working in markets all over the world, from the Midwest to Spain and Portugal.

An example from which to be inspired and grateful for all the tips we received from her.