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Seo for the first time

Are you committing to SEO for the first time? Five ways to start right.

Set a resolution in 2020 to commit to SEO. You’ll thank yourself later in the year.

What good is a fantastic website if it is never seen and never found? A message that is so well crafted but never heard. A song never sung- you get the point. We invest hundreds sometimes thousands of dollars in our websites, not counting the hours we spend developing content for our brands and businesses. Make your work worthwhile by promising to yourself that you’ll give SEO a good shot in 2020. Most importantly, reach the community you want to reach with the message you want them to receive.

Here’s what RUMBO Workshop’s SEO expert Alvaro Sancha thinks are your best bet for SEO in 2020.


Seo for the first time

Good quality content.

High quality and original content will be your best bet at Google’s SEO, especially content that is natural and written to be read by humans. Check out the update on Google’s new search methodology below if you want a deeper dive.

Speed it up.

Forty percent of users will click out of a webpage if it takes longer than three seconds to load. Most folks use their phones to consume content. The most engaging content is visual. Make sure that your images load quickly so that your users can navigate your page comfortably and get what they need. Optimize your images using tools such as JPEGmini

Link it up.

Links between your webpages tie your website together in a cohesive structure. Links out to other websites position your content as a resource for users.

Get Social.

Make use of the connections you already have. Are your social media profiles pointed to the webpages you want your audience to see? Do you have landing pages set up where they make sense? Are your Facebook ads pointed to the blog posts that allow users to engage with your content in a natural way? Social media is a free way to distribute content and show the value that you are creating for the community. Plan how you want to launch your content on social media. Will there be a preview? Do you want to create discussion, curiosity? Ask for feedback. This creates engagement and the higher likelihood that you will reach who you want to reach.

Keywords are key.

Do your homework first before creating content. Who is your audience? What may this audience be searching for with regard to your content? What keywords could you use that fit the needs the audience. The idea is to provide value, to help, to be a resource FIRST, and this would be impossible if you are not FOUND.

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