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The social networks on web

Is your website antisocial? Here’s are some ways to help integrate your site into social media

It’s extremely important to note the importance of social networks – in many ways, this is how we find each other online. But also, you have to remember that one of these days, some networks just fizzle out (think about your profiles from Myspace or even Vine. When these networks go, so does your content. Not with your website- that will be always there.

Today you have in your hands, for free- an incredibly large network to post and show your work. Instagram, for example is the golden child for photography and anything visual. The tips below will help you create a content STRATEGY for Instagram, but apply to many other networks. Next we share some tips:

Create content that is original and exclusive to you.

All artists steal- we get it, but you have to be smart about showing your audiences content and photographs that are unique to your STYLE. Is your content meaningful and impactful for the audience you want? Does it give value both to you and your readers and viewers?


Use hashtags that reach the audience you want.

Research and note down hashtags that connect your work to your intended audience. By doing this, you are helping Instagram create an algorithm that optimizes your profile so that your audience can see your work. Avoid copy pasting hashtags over and over again.


Share your Instagram content through Facebook, Twitter and stories from other Instagram profiles.

The set up for this is incredibly easy and it allows your content to find users on other networks.


Take advantage of the timeline of Instagram stories

Post updates here as well as content that could live better on stories than on your curated feed.


Finally, video will be king of the next decade.

Algorithms already optimize for video. If you can create video content that is engaging and genuine, this will be a huge win for you.

Holding true to just one of the tips above should land you greater success in getting your content and your message out to your audience. Social media is not a panacea- there is no silver bullet to creating true engagement. Rather it’s a mix of the elements that work for your brand and your individual style.

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