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rumbo workshop

Art and Production

Art does not create itself, art is created by us. At RUMBO, you will have the opportunity to learn how our speakers use the creative process to produce consistent, quality work. From pre-production, production and post-production turning an idea into reality. Each speaker will host a theoretical class and a live practical session. Truly an exercise you don’t want to miss.

Business for Community Creatives

A stable and healthy business combines its art and its vision of values with the needs of the community. Balance and sustainability. Who does your art speak to?

At RUMBO, you’ll learn ways to connect with your audience organically while running a truly successful business.

Shooting for Portfolio

Take advantage of RUMBO as an opportunity to learn how to create engaging content, define your brand, and push boundaries with your customers. In classes hosted by the speakers, you will have the opportunity to practice and photograph live alongside our speakers in live shoots and styled session to grow deeper into your craft.

Lifelong Learning

You know that technical skills are incredibly important to producing good and meaningful work. “Where do you learn from?” After RUMBO, you will have a new set of resources and referrals that will keep you on a constant path of growth. Knowledge is truly power.


monika frias

Mónika Frias



There is nothing that the people of the Caribbean enjoy more than a good love story, and Mónika Frías is no exception: Videographer of Dominican origin and based in Barcelona, Mónika enjoys it so much that she turned it into a career. Her warm, intimate, yet hilarious videos of her are the result of her approach: instead of wearing a huge set of audio and lighting gear, she and her D-SLR get into every party and capture moments unexpected from within…

Having worked in the structured world of commercial production, she switched routes five years ago, and that’s what she appreciates most about this line of work: the freedom and joy of capturing the fun, unexpected, and heartwarming side of something so beautifully unstructured like a love story.

rumbo workshop david griso

David Griso


Speaker & Rumbo Co-founder

International wedding photographer and Rumbo Co-founder. David is passionate about routes, travel and life in the Mediterranean. Lover of all old and rare things, dad, husband and friend of my friends. He enjoys documenting life and love. He always comments that he spends too much time playing with the colors and grain configuration in his photographs.

Follow Your Instinct, Make The Difference

chiquita y salvaje

Chiquita y Salvaje

España (Sur)


Cristina and Rocío are the heart and soul of Chiquita y Salvaje. Residents of a small town in Andalusia, they love prepare their bags and travel miles in search of new stories to tell through their pics and videos.

Lovers of cinema, music and any form of artistic expression, this inspires them and therefore they tell stories in a natural way and with a cinematographic style.

They are passionate about extravagant things and they really enjoy the moments of madness and fun that their work offers them.

They currently dedicate part of their time to helping other professionals grow through creativity and community training through El Oasis, their Patreon.


kelly balch

Kelly Balch

Los Angeles


Editorial storyteller and international wedding photographer. Kelly has had her work published in various magazines, has been awarded, and her work is represented by the well-known Getty Images agency. She is the author of a young adult fiction/fantasy series. A true artist who creates with passion, emotion and lots of fun. She is a tremendously empathetic and curious person who loves to hear all the truths from different walks of life, a hopeless romantic with a trendy cut who has the deepest faith in love and truth.

Energy flows where attention goes”

alvaro sancha wedding photographer spain

Alvaro Sancha

España (Norte)

Speaker & Rumbo Co-Founder

Álvaro Sancha is a wedding photographer in Spain, Europe and is a lover of routes through the United States. He is an entrepreneur and a fan of digital marketing where he develops his concern with SEO mentor. He resides in the north of Spain and is one of the founding members of RUMBO Workshop. His illusion was always to work on connecting people who add up, Rumbo is part of that result. Connect creativity between Spain and the United States.


rumbo workshop jose melgarejo

Jose Melgarejo

New York

Speaker & Rumbo Co-founder

Jose Melgarejo is a photographer based in the NYC area. A teacher for 8 years, Jose has always dreamed of a way to combine art, learning and travel. Jose will be your local host at RUMBO Workshop in NYC!

Give the ones you love wings to fly, roots to come back, and reasons to stay” – Dalai Lama

silvia fresh and wood

Silvia Lindoso by Fresh and Wood


Art director

Silvia is a Destination Wedding Planner, creative and designer at Fresh and Wood, as well as founder of her recent training project, The Roots. She defines herself as a person of ink and paper, curious, sensitive and detailed. She is a lover of nature, hugs, art, flowers and dogs.

She is in love with crafts, architecture and minimalist spaces. She loves to travel, discover new cultures and get lost in local markets taking home the treasures she finds.

She recognizes that she can spend hours and hours designing, looking for everything to fit, looking around her to learn about the beauty of the ephemeral and the eternal like memories… Which allows her to create unique experiences through her work as wedding planner.

Work that, by the way, at Rumbo we love for its natural, organic and Mediterranean style that we see at her weddings. Her headquarters are in Barcelona but she has worked in Italy, California… and wherever you want to take her.


rumbo workshop hollymabuba




Cristina Díaz, the girl behind Hollymabuba Illustration & Branding.

One of her passions is creating imaginary worlds through her illustrations. She says that for more than 7 years her work has allowed her to travel virtually through the business dreams of dozens of people, and see how her brands have grown at all levels, putting part of her soul into they.

Her goal is to make the visual identity of any business the greatest exercise in honesty carried out by any entrepreneur or creative person.

She considers that each new project is a challenge to be in constant evolution and a unique opportunity to grow and belong to an incredible community.


margot vivet rumbo workshop

Margot Vivet


Coach Grupal

Margot Vivet es coach personal y grupal. Su pasión y profesión es acompañar a IMPULSAR el cambio que un/a profesional está deseando, a través del desarrollo personal y profesional. Así ayudarte a crear tu marca personal con propósito.

Parte de su trabajo consiste en impartir cápsulas con estrategias pensadas para iniciar, activar y reinventar tu negocio o marca personal e impulsarla al siguiente nivel como ella nos cuenta. Todo ello a través de dinámicas, técnicas y herramientas muy prácticas (¡y divertidas!) donde  identificar rápidamente el valor y el talento que tiene tu marca. Poder desvelar porque haces lo que haces para finalmente conectar tu marca personal y profesional.

Cuando se trata de trabajo grupal, una vez finalizadas algunas dinámicas con las que trabaja, es propio de Margot compartir esos aprendizajes para juntos crear el mapa “diseña la vida que quieres vivir”.

Tiene programas de sesiones “one to one”, mentorias a medida con estrategias y diferentes formaciones presenciales para organizaciones. Todas ellas basadas en técnicas de coaching, programación neolingüística y neuromarketing.

Despues de ver el trabajo que ha realizado con algunos profesionales del sector creativo con brillantes casos de éxito, no dudamos ni un momento en que Margot debía formar parte de esta aventura.

Sara Lobla



Sara lobla, wedding photographer and holistic mentor for womens.

Her work at her weddings has led her to photograph in countries such as the United States, the Bahamas, Italy and different parts of Europe on a regular basis. She really is an example destination photographer. In addition, this has been published in important magazines and magazines such as Vogue, Telva or the well-known bridal magazine Brides, among others. Her natural and organic photography is the pure reflection of what Sara is. That same identity that she shapes under her experience in her current work together with women, holistic mentoring.

Sara currently develops mentorships to help brave women to start their own lives. At RUMBO we want to learn a lot from her through her personal and professional growth.


Alex domenech

Alex Domènech



Alex Domènech is a photographer specialized in author documentary photography. Between his personal life and his photographic projects there is not a very defined division: he shows us his intimacy in the form of narrations. In his images we clearly see how a lifestyle can become a long-term personal project. If we delve a little into his career, we soon realize his interest in places out of the ordinary, which carry with them an important historical burden and where wounds are still open. Bosnia, Serbia, Lebanon or Syria are a clear example.

His references come from cinema, photography and painting. He is also interested in communist architectural currents, non-places, what we could consider a limbo between identities. The inhospitable. He is moved by empathy, intuition and details.

Alex’s photography looks towards the margins, enters and explores places out of the ordinary, the limits. He creates universes through a language that is constructed from that point of view in which techniques, poetics and identities meet, mix and separate. In his latest projects, he has matured a discourse in which stories are told from the intimacy of what has been experienced, towards new perspectives.


diego waves




Diego is an all-terrain graphic designer, passionate about art direction, photography and illustration. He loves to pass on that passion and share all the knowledge gained through experience.

He has worked for international clients in agencies and as a freelancer, designing brands and websites. For a few years he also has knowledge in web development. After all, it is interesting to know how things work inside to be able to design them well. With him we will learn to focus the visual style of our website, adapting it to our brand and making us feel identified. He will show us how to follow some guidelines to have typographic and style coherence. He will also tell us about the technologies available and provide us with graphic inspiration.