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We have organized the best workshop of 2024

You decide

Yes, as u have heard… After some time, the RUMBO team has something to tell u.

And it’s that organizing the best workshop of 2024 down to the last detail, with the demand of a world full of immediacy, involves starting to work from the inside out.

For all of this, RUMBO is made up of a great human team, with an engine of enthusiasm, professionalism, and a significant investment of time to make it brilliant. There is no other way…

Sometimes we become obsessed with results, timelines, trends, and… we forget about what really matters, the creative process.

That moment when everything happens quickly, filled with ideas, references… it’s time to share, to present it, to draw a line and CREATE. It’s time to tell our stories.

This is a message for you


if you´re interested in being part of Rumbo Workshop 2024, which will take place in Barcelona from April 1st to 5th, join the NEWSLETTER to learn all the details of the launch.