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At RUMBO we believe that these new AI applications only enhance our toolkit as creators- they free up our time that we could leverage on activities that build our craft, communities and quality of life.

AI Lightroom presets and AI applications such as Imagen AI are two powerful tools that can help photographers quickly and easily edit their photos.

By using AI tools, you can automatically apply a variety of adjustments to photos, giving them a professional look.

In this blog post, we will discuss five tips for editing photos with AI Lightroom presets and Imagen AIhow best to integrate current presets such as the RUMBO LEGACY Presets, and how to optimize for an effient AI editing workflow.

These tips will help photographers get the most out of these powerful tools and create stunning photos, consistent work and increase (post) production value.

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Tip 1: Decide on the Right Presets for your AI editing tool

The first step is to choose the right presets for your photos. There are many different presets available, so take some time to study them and find ones that you think will work well for your style of photography.

When choosing presets, it’s important to consider the following factors. Remember you are building this workflow for the long-term:

  • The type of photos you are editing.
  • Your personal style and the mood or atmosphere you want to create.
  • The colors you want to use.
  • The overall versatility of those presets – can you use them over again over the longterm.
Tips for Editing Photos with AI

Tip 2: Experiment and define your style via presets before creating your IA editing profiles

Once you’ve found a few presets that you like, don’t be afraid to experiment with them. Try different combinations of presets and see how they affect your photos.  Set an objective to create consistency and an efficient workflow.

You can always tweak you edits later on to make a more creative edit, but a creative edit should not be your goal when you are applying a machine learning process to your workflow. Remember that you are building a solid foundation for your workflow on which you can leverage later on.

Calibration of AI editing is important in creating profiles for a few reasons:

  1. To ensure accuracy: AI editing tools use algorithms to make adjustments to photos. These algorithms are trained on a dataset of images, and the accuracy of the adjustments depends on the quality of the dataset. Calibration helps to ensure that the dataset is accurate, which in turn ensures that the AI editing tools are accurate.
  2. To create consistent results: When you use AI editing tools to create profiles, you want the results to be consistent. This means that the same adjustments should be applied to all of the photos in the profile. Calibration helps to ensure consistency by ensuring that the AI editing tools are working properly.
  3. To improve the quality of the results: Calibration can help to improve the quality of the results of AI editing tools. This is because calibration can help to correct any errors in the algorithms.

Tip 3: Use the Same Presets on All of Your Photos while building your IA Profile

One of the best ways to create a consistent look for your photos is to use very similar presets on all of them while you build your profile. This will help your photos look more polished and professional. Remember that you can always adjust creatively after the first round of AI edits.

Of course, you don’t have to use the same exact preset on every photo– the goal is to get to a consistent look, and presets take you farther and faster along that road.

You may be surprised at how different a photo can look with just a few minor adjustments. For example, RUMBO Legacy Presets are easily modifiable so that they fit your own style, and integrate well into an AI editing profile. So don’t be afraid to experiment to land on a look that fits.

RUMBO Legacy Presets

Tip 4: Use Imagen AI combined with RUMBO Legacy Presets to Enhance Your Editing Workflow

Imagen AI is a powerful AI tool that can be used to enhance your photos. This tool can automatically improve the colors, contrast, and sharpness of your photos, giving them a more professional look.

To use Imagen AI, simply upload your photos to the Imagen AI website or app. The tool will then automatically enhance your photos and you will be able to download the results to your catalog for more creative crops, adjustments and effects.

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Tip 5: Calibrate Your Monitor

One last and important factor for consistency is to calibrate your monitor. This will ensure that the colors you see on your monitor are accurate.

You can calibrate your monitor using a colorimeter or a software program. There are many different calibration programs and devices  available, so you can choose one that fits your needs.

  • Datacolor SpyderX Pro: The SpyderX Pro is a great option for photographers and graphic designers who need an accurate and easy-to-use colorimeter. It is also relatively affordable.To purchase click here


  • X-Rite i1Display Studio: The i1Display Studio is a more versatile option than the SpyderX Pro. It can be used to calibrate monitors, TVs, and projectors. However, it is also more expensive. To purchase click here


  • Calman Ultimate: Calman Ultimate is a software-only solution that is designed for professional users. It offers a wide range of features and is very accurate. However, it is also the most expensive option. To purchase click here
Tips for Editing Photos with AI

Final Thoughts on Photography and AI

These are just a few tips for editing photos with AI Lightroom presets and editing software like AI Image. By following these tips, you can create stunning photos that are professional and consistent. In addition, saving time editing means being able to dedicate the rest of the time to quality things like resting, creating, enjoying family and friends, or traveling.

So, what are you waiting for? Start experimenting with AI and HEADING Presets Legacy Lightroom and AI Image today!

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