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Workshop Days

March 22-23-24-25 2022

Are you ready for Rumbo Barcelona 2022? Pack your bags and join the experience of four intense days of RUMBO Workshop. One of the most inclusive and international photography workshop experiences ever held in one of the most diverse cities in Europe and the world: Barcelona

We will learn from the best in a very familiar 24-hour coexistence, where we will share knowledge, techniques, ideas, tricks, their workflow, etc… all in an interactive training environment.

In addition to theoretical, practical and various shooting workshops… We will all have our participation space where we can share and improve every detail of our brand. Being able to take our business to a whole new level, all while creating lifelong bonds with the RUMBO international community.

rumbo workshop photography


Until 03:00pm


    • Arrival Assistants
    • JOSÉ MELGAREJO (RUMBO Philosophy)
    • MARGOT (Heading Dynamics)
    • DAVID GRISO & FRESH AND WOOD (Cinema Shooting)
    • “The wheel”
    • Thematic dinner
    • Round table


8:00am – 11:00pm


  • Community breakfast
  • MARGOT (Emotions)
  • DAVID GRISO (Masterclass)
  • Community lunch
  • KELLY BALCH (Masterclass)
  • Thematic dinner
  • Round table


8:00am – 02:00am


  • Community breakfast
  • MARGOT (Values & Talents)
  • ÁLVARO SANCHA & DIEWAVES (Masterclass)
  • Community lunch
  • ALEX DOMENECH (Masterclass)
  • FRESH AND WOOD (Inspirational Shooting)
  • MONIKA FRIAS (Videographer)
  • Thematic dinner
  • Round table
  • Party Time


9:30am – 05:00pm


  • Community breakfast
  • MARGOT (Smart-Because)
  • CHIQUITA y Salvaje (Masterclass)
  • SARA LOBLA (Masterclass)
  • Thematic lunch

A place to create

Creative people like us need time and space to create. For this reason, for RUMBO Workshop Barcelona 2022, we have reserved Sellares Rural, a farmhouse located 50km from Barcelona in a rural environment full of nature to share knowledge.

The Masía will be fully equipped for everything we need (talks, workshops, shootings, different environments…) and of course to rest and share a drink with the rest of the classmates. RUMBO Workshop attendees will have access to all the shared spaces of the farmhouse in addition to their private place to rest.

rumbo workshop barcelona
rumbo workshop barcelona
rumbo workshop barcelona