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APRIL 01-05

Our in-person, Spanish language workshop this Spring. Create, connect and elevate your craft with the best in Europe.

rumbo workshop barcelona
rumbo workshop barcelona



This is the latest edition or RUMBO Workshop. A retreat situated in Spain’s beautiful Mediterranean coast where you can hone your craft and define a powerful vision for your art.

Elevate your brand on a 5-day retreat alongside our speakers and community. Build your portfolio with planned editorial shoots, and generate a plan for true growth with the connections you make.

Bring the best of you and become part of our RUMBO tribe.

MasterClass · Keynotes · Shoots · Film · Roundtable · 

MasterClass · Keynotes · Shoots · Film · Roundtable · 

MasterClass · Keynotes · Shoots · Film · Roundtable · 

MasterClass · Keynotes · Shoots · Film · Roundtable · 

MasterClass · Keynotes · Shoots · Film · Roundtable · 

Speakers · Networking · Marketing · Editorials · Inspiration · 

Speakers · Networking · Marketing · Editorials · Inspiration · 

Speakers · Networking · Marketing · Editorials · Inspiration · 

Speakers · Networking · Marketing · Editorials · Inspiration · 

Speakers · Networking · Marketing · Editorials · Inspiration · 


Mónika Frias


She is a visual storyteller with over 10 years of bringing magic to life. With a keen eye for capturing timeless, emotional, and elegant moments, Mónika draws inspiration from everything, from live music to classical photography, architecture, and fashion.

Whether photographing for a couple or a brand, Mónika understands that her way of telling the story is how it will be remembered and is always ready to embrace the challenge.

Juanlu Rojano


Born in Córdoba, he started his journey in photography through press agencies but always with an eye on fashion photography. He considers himself a perfectionist in editing and everything related to color, as he constantly seeks to refine his tones´s identity.

With over 10 years in wedding photography, he puts maximum effort into telling the story as faithfully as possible, without artificiality, with great naturalness, and always through a documentary narrative. Capturing all the emotions that unfold during the wedding is one of his challenges.

Juanlu Rojano is a very humane person who sees photography as a medium for sharing knowledge, a value that has always been present for him.

Javier Abad


From Asturias (north of Spain), Javier shares that the mountains are his inspiration and the reason he continues to live in this place. He started with photography 25 years ago, documenting his snowboard and skate travels with friends throughout Spain. After completing his studies in chemistry, photography became a permanent part of his life, working for mountain brands and magazines.

In 2011, he founded F2studio, where through all his influences, he offers the industry an honest vision filled with freshness, elegance, and timelessness. For Javier, sharing his knowledge is synonymous with continuing to grow as a person and a professional.



Jimena, the essence and soul of Volvoreta, has been blending concepts across various photography sectors for 20 years, always with a documentary perspective.

She has served as the director of photography and video for the MoMA’s museum curation and has worked for prominent public figures such as Rafa Nadal and the German royalty. Jimena directs fashion campaigns, gracing the covers of international magazines with her analog photography. Her work has been featured in publications like Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Hello, Moments Magazine, among others, although her favorite magazines are the independent ones.

She say that space does not limit art; play propels imagination, and her creative hunger is always awaiting the next challenge. Her philosophy is for people to trust her to play, observe, and feel.

She will talk to us, and together we will reflect on her photographic universe, her influences, the concept of “the change,” the balance between it all, and making way for what comes next

Ohh Ginger


Wedding and couples photographer whose vision can be described as contemporary, editorial, cinematic, and with a touch of avant-garde. She works by aesthetically capturing a feeling or emotion in its intensity and detail. Her approach to creating wedding and couples’ images remains unique and unconventional in the industry.

Anna will share how to achieve creative freedom through storytelling and art direction.

She believes that we often pigeonhole ourselves in terms of our style, appearance, or even the feeling of photography. She will encourage us to embark on the journey of internal exploration, exploring different ways and possibilities of approaching photography itself, telling stories, and improving our skills through creative freedom and energy.

Thais Varela

Basque Country

Thais is a visual artist and creative director. She uses color as a narrative language in her work. Her expertise in art direction allows her to express her vision through dreamlike and saturated worlds, especially when addressing subjects such as flowers, still life, and portraits.

With extensive experience in portraits, lifestyle, still life, and travel photography, Thais has honed her ability to encapsulate narratives and evoke authentic emotions through the manipulation of color and light.

Based between Madrid and the Basque Country, Thais immerses herself in various creative areas, working in advertising, stock photography, and personal projects.

Her artistic scope knows no bounds, ranging from local endeavors to globally scaled projects. It’s evident that her versatility and unique skills make her an exemplary choice for a wide variety of photographic projects, showcasing her ability to visually merge fantasy with reality in a stunning way.

Bodas de cuento


Marina Martin and Wendy Vidal are the creative directors of the company Bodas de Cuento Styling & Design.

Their work in wedding organization and design is a reference in Spain and around the world. Since 2012, they have been running their own wedding planners’ school in Spain and Latin America and are the creators of the well-known books “La agenda de nuestra boda” and “El libro de nuestra boda“.

With extensive experience in the wedding industry, design, and styling, they will bring their expertise to RUMBO as they will be in charge of producing the photo shoots for RUMBO.

Marta Pérez


She´s a storyteller for over 10 years and also a translator of English, French, Italian, and Catalan, Marta discovered photography, and in it, a before and after were created.

In love with details, sunsets, and, above all, the sea. Marta has been living in Menorca for 5 years now, and it is on this island where she feels her creativity takes flight. She embodies calmness, the sea, and Mediterranean elegance.

Her work in wedding photography captivates us all, as her photographs are a blend of freshness, sensitivity, simplicity, elegance, and timelessness.

andrea font rumbo workshop

Andrea Font


Andrea Font is an all-terrain cameraman specialized in water sports, fashion, travel, documentary and artist. She is also the director of her production company Full Frame Studio and a teacher in the creative field and currently has the support of Sony.

She manages the direction of media teams in festivals and large productions, in addition to having done campaigns around the world with clients and agencies such as: Swatch, Oysho, Havas, Tropicfeel, Merrell, among others. She has been on a world tour with Juicy M and other international artists.

The success of her growth has been the consequence of three key factors for her: FITNESS, ATTITUDE and LOVE. The passion and love for her work has led Andrea to also move into the training sector: what started one day on her YouTube channel, today has led her to give talks for Sony, Tropicfeel, World Trade Centre,…

Diego de Dios


He´s a art director with over 10 years of experience in graphic design. Diego´ve a broad visual culture thanks to his passion for typography, photography, and illustration. His work focuses on developing dynamic visual identities and unique, distinctive websites.

He has worked for major communication agencies and currently runs his own, BANDIDO STUDIO. This studio is responsible for many of the visual identities and websites in the current photography sector, including the RUMBO WORKSHOP website and much of its innovative aspects as a project.

Diego is a restless individual who enjoys sharing knowledge and collaborating with new professionals, weaving networks of camaraderie and professionalism.




Where is RUMBO WORKSHOP 2024?

The workshop will take place just outside of Barcelona, Spain. We will be hosted at a beautiful villa on the Mediterranean coast from Monday to Friday, which is located very close to Mataró (just a 10-minute drive from the beach). It’s an environment surrounded by nature and the sea, providing the perfect opportunity to disconnect and connect with the RUMBO Community.

When is RUMBO WORKSHOP 2024?

From Monday, April 1st, to Friday, April 5th, 2024. RUMBO Workshop will kick off at 12:00 on Monday and conclude at 13:00 on Friday, the 5th. Five days and four intense nights of creative connection.

How do I get to RUMBO WORKSHOP?

We will create meeting points so that people can connect and travel together or carpool. Whether you come by plane, train, or car, just provide us with your arrival details so that we help you coordinate travel to the workshop.

What if I am coming from outside of Spain?

We recommend that individuals coming from outside of Spain arrive at least one day before in Barcelona or that their transportation or early in the morning on April 1st.

Our staff team will assist everyone, regardless of their origin, in coordinating their arrival at Villa RUMBO before the start of the workshop day.

What will I What is the schedule for each day?

A 360-degree view of photography as a business encompassing all its aspects and styles. We delve into inspiration, the creative process, and the importance of carving out space for growth and evolution within our creative identities.

We’ve invited our speakers to open up and share their experience with you. They’ll reveal their journey from the very beginning and how they achieve innovative work, shedding light on their vision, process, and execution. During RUMBO Workshop, you’ll have the chance to learn from a new speaker through their masterclass, photo shoots, post-processing sessions, and strategies for positioning your work effectively with your audience.

It’s an energy-packed experience loaded with valuable content, information, and inspiration that will propel your business and streamline your workflow, ultimately fostering growth and success, among other things.

Where will I stay?

You’ll have the opportunity to stay alongside your fellow colleagues and speakers in a delightful villa specially chosen for this occasion. Accommodations will be shared, and the villa offers a plethora of spaces, both indoors and outdoors, perfectly suited for workshops, discussions, photography sessions, roundtable conversations, activities, and social interactions – all in a setting of utmost comfort and serenity.

Additionally, the event’s organizers and staff will also be staying at the same location, fostering a close-knit and supportive community throughout these five exhilarating days in a natural setting.

How much does the ticket cost, and what does it include?

1990€ (VAT included)


  • Full pass for RUMBO Workshop Barcelona 2024
  • Full accommodation in an exclusive villa.
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner included.
  • 5 days of dedicated learning to elevate and improve your business and brand.
  • Masterclasses with expert speakers from the field.
  • Keynotes designed to explore your creativity.
  • Editorial sessions created and designed by specialists.
  • Roundtable discussions to connect and debate.
  • Networking times and spaces among attendees, speakers, and brands.
  • Discounts and gifts from our community sponsors.
  • RUMBO Celebration

TICKET payment

At RUMBO we believe in making education and community accessible to those who wish to invest in themselves and grow. We offer a split-payment system – the first payment of 50% reserves your spot and the second payment validates your full ticket (45 days after).

What should I bring?

Pack your backpack or suitcase with all your personal belongings you’d like to bring along. Include warm clothing, comfortable shoes, as well as a camera, a laptop for portfolio/website reviews, something for taking notes, and any personal items that provide a sense of comfort and familiarity when you travel. RUMBO will handle everything else.

What if I have additional questions?

Send us an email at, and we will assist you as soon as possible.