From the very start of RUMBO we wanted to develop Lightroom presets that carried the look, feel and function of our brand.
At the same time wanted to make editing in Lightroom simpler, faster and more consistent. Proudly presenting RUMBO Lightroom Presets and Profiles. A versatile pack of 8 adjustable Lightroom presets for adventurous travelers just like you so that you can continue to discover and create wherever the world finds you.

Each with their own energy, our Lightroom presets are designed for professionals with essential in mind. From portability and usability in all types of light – from travel photography to portrait and street photography. This Lightroom Preset pack is perfect for professionals and amateur photographers who want a distinct and refined style, yet need practicality and versatility.

RUMBO Lightroom presets are a must-have for creatives both at home and on the go.


What is included in the RUMBO Preset Pack?

The RUMBO Lightroom Presets include 8 adjustable and versatile presets – 6 Color Presets and 2 Black and White Presets

What software do I need?

You will need the latest version of Adobe Lightroom Classic available here

How do I install the RUMBO Lightroom Presets?

Simply import the downloadable file included with your purchase in Adobe Lightroom Classic from the Presets panel. In four simple clicks you’ve installed the RUMBO Lightroom Presets.

rumbo workshop presets

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Before & After

RUMBO Presets

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