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rumbo workshop

Art and Production

Art does not create itself, art is created by us. At RUMBO, you will have the opportunity to learn how our speakers use the creative process to produce consistent, quality work. From pre-production, production and post-production turning an idea into reality. Each speaker will host a theoretical class and a live practical session. Truly an exercise you don’t want to miss.

Business for Community Creatives

A stable and healthy business combines its art and its vision of values with the needs of the community. Balance and sustainability. Who does your art speak to?

At RUMBO, you’ll learn ways to connect with your audience organically while running a truly successful business.

Shooting for Portfolio

Take advantage of RUMBO as an opportunity to learn how to create engaging content, define your brand, and push boundaries with your customers. In classes hosted by the speakers, you will have the opportunity to practice and photograph live alongside our speakers in live shoots and styled session to grow deeper into your craft.

Lifelong Learning

You know that technical skills are incredibly important to producing good and meaningful work. “Where do you learn from?” After RUMBO, you will have a new set of resources and referrals that will keep you on a constant path of growth. Knowledge is truly power.


Kelly Balch

Los Angeles


I’m Kelly Balch, an award winning and published international wedding & editorial storyteller, represented by Getty Images. I’m an author of a young adult lesfantasy/fiction series. A true artist who creates with passion, emotion, and a whole lot of fun. I’m a curious empath who loves to hear all truths from different walks of life, a hopeless romantic with a buzz cut, and I have the most profound faith in love and truth.

“Energy flows where attention goes”

photography workshop eeuu

Chuy Rodríguez

Los Angeles


Funk, family and photos. Based in Los Angeles California, Chuy has been a leader in the creative space of intimate sessions and has been recognized as one of the most diverse photographers in the industry. He has been nicknamed the king of steam for his intimate sessions, and is known for his energy and positive spirit. He’ll be teaching about his art, his process and how he builds trust with couples.

“Keep it funky”

rumbo workshop monaris

Paola Franqui

New York


Paola Franqui, also known as Monaris, is a Puerto Rican born street photographer living outside of New York City specializing in visual storytelling. What started as a hobby grew to become Paola’s passion, and it has changed her life in ways she never could have imagined.

She is a reader of people and fascinated by human behavior. Paola is constantly influenced by her surroundings. Always curious, and wondering what the people she captures are experiencing, what emotions they are going through, and tries to share their stories. A snapshot of a passing moment that will never happen again.

“I hope for people to go beyond their senses with my images, as I wish to evoke emotion behind the lives that people lead.”


alvaro sancha wedding photographer spain

Alvaro Sancha

North Spain

Rumbo Co-Founder

Alvaro Sancha is a destination wedding photographer, entrepreneur, and a freak of digital marketing. He resides in Northern Spain and is one of the founding members of RUMBO Workshop. His dream is that of connecting and creating a community between Spain and the USA.


rumbo workshop david griso

David Griso


Rumbo Co-founder

I’m David, I love to travel and live in the Mediterranean, lover of all things old and weird, dad, husband and friend of my friends. I love documenting life and love and I spend way too much time playing with colors and grain settings.



rumbo workshop jose melgarejo

Jose Melgarejo

New York

Rumbo Co-founder

Jose Melgarejo is a photographer based in the NYC area. A teacher for 8 years, Jose has always dreamed of a way to combine art, learning and travel. Jose will be your local host at RUMBO Workshop in NYC!

“Give the ones you love wings to fly, roots to come back, and reasons to stay” – Dalai Lama